Special Measures

The Action Consensus of Public Private Partnership Forum (P3 Forum) recognizes Special Measures as a modality for enabling parties with which arrangements are made to establish developmental relations with the P3 Forum. Special Measure status is granted if the applicants demonstrate that their program of work is of direct relevance to P3 Forum and managed in accordance with the established development frameworks and methods of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat of P3 Forum regularly monitors Special Measures with the goal of maximizing the social and economic impact of each projects development activities. P3 Forums monitors these projects by way of initial project review, quarterly reporting and will on occasion perform monitoring visits to ensure project activities align with stated activities and milestones.

Application Process

Special Measure status with P3 Forum involves a two-stage process:

The first stage (Call for Applications) allows interested parties to have their projects shortlisted by providing the basic information needed by P3 Forums to reach a decision in principle; and the second stage which involves producing a full project document.

The second stage (Documentation Gathering) requests the governing documents for the contemplated Special Measure, where sponsors must submit documents that disclose the capital activity of their work program. Depending on the project, other reports requested may include reports to funders, management reports, budget monitoring reports and analysis of statements.

By submitting this application to the Global Millennium Development Foundation and the Public Private Partnership Forum, you affirm that you are an authorized representative of the applying organization and that all information regarding your proposed project is true and accurate. Furthermore, you confirm that you have read and understand the Service Agreement associated with Membership.