Slobodan Damiyano, President of the Global Millennium Development Foundation (GMDF), met with David Mladjenovic and Michael Holewka, Co-Executive Directors of Public Private Partnership Forum to discuss the 2022 program updates for GMDF.

P3 Forum is an operation management campaign adopted by GMDF on 16 May 2013 and establishes an Executive branch responsible for managing and maintaining efficient workflow processes and protocols for GMDF in alignment with the United Nations Charter.

GMDF is an Non-Governmental Organization in Special Consultative Status with the Department and Economic and Social Affairs of the Economic and Social Council body of the United Nations.

The P3 Forum is managed by Co-Executive Directors David Mladjenovic and Michael Holewka who work in tandem with the GMDF to role out the program core structure and operating procedures.

The three operating arms of GMDF are:

Peace and Security;
Socio-Economic Development;
and Cultural Programming

To learn more about these programs please visit: