On May 16th at United Nations Headquarters in New York, a distinguished panel of representatives gathered to discuss to discuss Public-Private Partnerships in the fields of Technology and Education. Participants in the conference included:

H.E. Nestor Osorio, President
Economic & Social Council of the United Nations

Slobodan Damiyano, CEO
Global Millennium Development Foundation

Borko Furht, Professor
Florida Atlantic University

Daniel Cane, Entrepeneur
Co-Founder of Blackboard,
CEO of Modernizing Medicine

Jaime Borras, Chief Technology Officer
Mobile Technology Consortium

Cristin Frodella, Group Manager
Google: Education at Google

“The private sector plays an increasingly important role in supporting efforts that were once considered to be the responsibility of governments. By participating in conversations like today’s with both public and private sector entities, we hope to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of existing cross sector development activities while developing new opportunities for the foundation and other groups affiliated with the development goals of the United Nations system” said Slobodan Damiyano, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Millennium Development Foundation.