The Global Millennium Development Foundation (GMDF) has formed a partnership with the World Association of Former United Nations Internes and Fellows (WAFUNIF). As the sole alumni organization for United Nations internes and fellows and as an Official United Nations Peace Messenger, WAFUNIF is dedicated to the mission of promoting the Charter principles and purposes for a better world and is engaged in a wide range of activities in varied disciplines.

“We look forward to providing a range of strategic counsel and assistance to WAFUNIF” said Slobodan Damiyano, Chief Executive Officer of GMDF. “By providing critical resources to help ensure that WAFUNIF fulfills its important mission, we hope to support WAFUNIF in increasing the impact of their programs in international affairs, side by side the United Nations.”

WAFUNIF’s interventions have in general been received with ovation and respect, often having the real impact on the implementation processes. They have not only infused the value of the Charter principles into the consciousness of the people, young and old alike, but have also shown the effectiveness of United Nations potentialities in real life.