Development Program

On 16 May 2013, following the ECOSOC forum at the United Nations Headquarters in New York that focused on building stronger, more communicative public-private partnerships, the Global Millennium Development Foundation adopted the “P3 Forum”, a coherent framework that is capable of accelerating the progress toward the sustainable development goals through cross-sector partnerships. The initiative supports consensus-building processes by establishing conditions under which agreements and binding partnerships for collaborative programs can be realized. The foundation also regularly monitors such partnerships with the goal of maximizing the social and economic impact of member development activities.

Throughout the year, GMDF hosts a series of Conferences that bring social entrepreneurs, leaders of companies and enterprises in the private sector together with decision makers and representatives of the international diplomatic community and public sphere. These symposium-type discussions are designed so that current and critical information can be shared to inspire further discussion, commitment and cross-sector joint ventures toward our shared development goals.

The Global Millennium Development Foundation meets regularly with variety of actors to identify the most pressing development needs worldwide and asses the Foundation’s ability to provide critical resources. On occasion, Special Sessions may be convoked at the request of the Office of the Program Director to provide a focused workshop-type environments for further deliberation amongst or with the appropriate members of the P3 Initiative and respective public sector representatives.

The Global Millennium Development Foundation makes continual investments in a centralized platform through which the Members of the P3 Forum can participate in online consensus building processes regardless of their geographic location. By investing in a centralized platform, the Foundation hopes to offer a more efficient handling of information amongst program stakeholders while lowering overall costs to the Foundation and its members in data storage, reproduction and distribution.